Home Haircare During Lockdown

Well we certainly couldn’t have predicted being in this current situation, all of us (except any key workers) being isolated in our homes for a minimum of 3 weeks and much of the world being forced into a state of lockdown.

The majority of businesses closed for an undefined amount of time, including Hair Salons.

Many women are now thinking of taking matters into their own hands when it comes to sprucing up their own locks.


When it comes to those pesky greys or that dark regrowth starting to peak through, some of us are slightly intrigued into what colour we are naturally, do we try and persevere with this regrowth and see what’s really underneath all of this colour, or are we starting to stare into the mirror in disbelief at how grey we really are.

Our team at Bespoke Hairdressing Rugby have still been keeping touch daily and have been discussing this exact topic. We’ve firstly reached out to our amazing clients with this statement:

“To our colour clients.

We are working on a hints and tips blog to help you manage your colour needs whilst we are closed.

Please, before you guess, Email us at: or send us a message on Facebook and we will look at your colour history and give you Bespoke advice”.

We sent this statement out to all of our client via our social media platforms, to ensure that you know we’re here to help you maintain your hair and to help you get through this period of closure with your hair maintenance, condition and integrity at the for front of our care.

Our first advise would always be a colour spray that washes out. A balayage look with an outgrown root might not be a bad option for the client that cannot find an exact colour match in spray form.

We could consider styling tips that could hide your colour needs for longer, such as:

  • Moving your parting slightly
  • Styling your hair with the parting at more of an angle
  • Zig zag parting, this is amazing for disguising that pesky re-growth



Touching up and choosing the right colour

Firstly, if those roots are requiring some cover up or blending without effecting the colour that is already on your hair or changing the condition then try a root touch up kit such as our very own Kevin Murphy colour sprays, available in black, brown, blonde and copper, these sprays will temporarily cover regrowth and greys by simply spraying on dry hair on the areas where the temporary cover up is required holding the can about 6 inches from the scalp. This will then simply wash out when you come to wash your hair.


We do currently have some stock of these Kevin Murphy sprays with us and these can be ordered via email and posted out to you by our Bespoke Hairdressing team with payment being made via Paypal.

An alternative option if you can get to a supermarket during this time is the L’Oréal Magic Root Cover Up which is available in five different shades of dark blonde, light brown, brown, black, mahogany and warm blonde.  and again it’s fool proof because it washes out.

Colouring your hair at home, choosing the right shade and application

 We cannot stop you colouring your own hair, but where you are determined, here is what you would need to think about:

  • Contact us first, we have remote access to your colour record so we can give you ideas on what to do.
  • We’d always suggest that you choose a shade that is lighter than you actually need

(we’d rather you ended up with a lighter root which we can cover up when we’re back open, rather than having to try and strip out a dark area of colour)

  • Do a patch test – hair dyes are made up of chemicals after all, so it’s always best to test it out to avoid an allergic reaction.
  • Protect your hairline – by this we mean keep it clean and untouched from the hair dye by placing a thin layer of lip balm or Vaseline along your hairline where you don’t want any dye to go (especially if you are using more browns and darker colours).
  • Brush your hair before starting – this will make it easier to section and create a smoother surface to apply the dye.
  • Only apply the colour where you need it –

(keep you’re at home colour touch up to areas such as your parting and around the sides (just where you can see your regrowth) This will help you to avoid ‘over-lapping’ of the colour which could cause damage or dark patches, thus meaning more corrective work when we’re back open.

  • Development time – ensure you develop the colour for the amount of time specified, wash off too early could result in the root area not fully covering, leave on too long and you could have a darker result than originally desired.
  • Removing the colour – when washing out the colour, don’t use shampoo at first, just use water to rinse all of the colour from your hair to begin with. Then shampoo and condition your hair.

Please be clear, we are not recommending that you use a shop brought colour at home. Even with the above advice, banding could still occur and this would require future colour correction work. This can be costly and time consuming and take longer to correct than the anticipated salon closure time.

Also before you panic, in six weeks we would estimate a quarter to half inch regrowth. This can easily be covered by sprays and clever styling tips.

Please contact us first.

As a salon, we are going to ask you that you do not use any of the following products:

  • Bleach London
  • Any type of Henna
  • Sun in, Go Blonde or any similar type of product


Prevent Colour fade

 Even though it might if been a few weeks since your last colour, still ensure you prevent your colour from fading by using:

 Redken’s Colour Extend Magnetics Shampoo – a lightweight, gentle sulphate-free shampoo for coloured hair providing colour captivating care.

300ml £16:00

 Redken’s Colour Extend Magnetics Conditioner – a targeted conditioner for your coloured hair that repairs, provides protection, and colour captivating care.

250ml £17:00


Prevent Brassy Blondes

 Keep your blonde looking fresh, maintain brightness and banish brassiness by using:

 Redken’s Colour Extend Blondage Shampoo –  a colour correcting formula infused with ultra – violet pigments to help eliminate yellow undertones in blonde hair.

300ml £18:00

 Redken’s Colour Extend Blondage Conditioner – helps to eliminate unwanted brassiness to leave locks looking cool and bright.

250ml £17:00


Maintaining your hair’s condition at home

 Ok, so we understand that you may have been due in for your haircut now or in the next couple of weeks and those split ends are starting to appear. Please resist in reaching for those kitchen scissors and trying to nibble at them in front of the mirror.

Instead, reach out for your home haircare. Use this time to nourish your hair with a condition masks such as:

Redken’s – All Soft Conditioner – part of the SMART haircare family, discover the argan-oil enriched conditioner formula that promotes softness for your dry, brittle hair, instantly detangles and replenishes moisture.

250ml £17:50

Redken’s Frizz Dismiss Mask – is an intense smoothing treatment for Frizzy hair.

250ml £26:00

 Redken’s All Soft Heavy Cream Mask – Deep conditioning mask treatment delivers intense moisture to ultimately soften and control frizz

250ml £26:00

 Redken’s Frizz Dismiss Instant Deflate – Oil in serum to seal split ends

125ml £29:50

Redken’s Extreme Anti Snap – Award winning leave-in treatment for damaged hair, split ends and hair breakage

240ml £20:50


Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate Me Masque – An ultra-moisturising and smoothing treatment mask formulated to re-hydrate and soften dry, frizzy and coarse hair types.

With a fragrant blend of rose hip, evening primrose oil, kakadu plum and seaweed, it helps to repair damaged hair, gently cleanse and promote elasticity to reveal softer, healthier and shinier hair.

200ml £30:00

 Kevin Murphy’s Angel.Masque – normal to fine – an ultra-repairing treatment mask designed to restore, condition and thicken fine, dry and coloured hair.

200ml £30:00

Kevin Murphy’s Young.Again Masque – long hair – this deep conditioning restorative masque works to moisturise, repair and restore the lustre to dry, damaged or brittle hair.

200ml £33:00

Kevin Murphy Leave In Repair – a nourishing, restorative leave-in treatment that works to repair damaged hair by adding strength and reducing breakage.

200ml £33:00

We do currently have some stock of these Redken and Kevin Murphy treatments/conditioners with us and these can also be ordered via email and posted out to you by our Bespoke Hairdressing team with payment being made via Paypal.

 Again, an alternative option if you can get to a supermarket during this time, here is a couple of options that we’ve looked at for you to try, again we cannot guarantee what the products are like or can we guarantee the results   –

Aussie Deep Treatment 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor – this moisturising treatment helps transform, dry, damaged hair into easy, breezy, shiny locks – 250ml £4:99

The Hair Boss The Double Mask – Repairs the hairs structure and smooths the surface of the hair – 150ml £19:99


Over the next few weeks, please keep up to date with any more hints and tips that we share on our social media platforms of Facebook and Instagram.