Hints and tips on how to trim your own fringe

Down To The Fringe

Hi, Steve here,

In the current climate of COVID-19 we have been getting loads of questions regarding how to maintain a fringe.

My short answer is “DON’T”… But my long answer is “Ok… if you cannot stand it any longer or its in your eyes, then here are the things you must try to do.

Try not to cut your fringe with the big kitchen scissors that you cut the fat off your bacon with… they cut through that rind really well yes?….that’s because they are designed to do jobs like that.

Shall I say it again…



  • Try and get smaller scissors that you can control them better.
  • Preferably use a comb rather than a brush.
  • Always cut your fringe when its clean and blow dried.
  • Hold the scissors, one scissor ring in your ring finger and the other in your thumb.This will give you more control of the scissor.
  • Using a comb, comb the fringe down with the comb facing backwards so the teeth are facing out.
  • Always cut the fringe through the comb without any tension.
  • Always cut vertically(upwards) rather than horizontally(across) this will avoid any straight lines that you will then have to match up with the rest of the fringe.
  • Work your way across the fringe in small section approx 1 inch wide
  • Try and angle the comb slightly as you reach the corner of the eye, so you do not make the corners too sharp.
  • After you have got the desired length and you fancy a sharper fringe, gently comb into position and in small sections, take off the softness created by the previous cut you have just done (yes I know this will take longer…having to do it twice….but hey you’re in ISOLATION YOU HAVE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD AT THE MOMENT!


Alternatively if you decide now is the time to grow out your fringe then some simple styling tips to sweep the fringe across:

  • For a sweeping fringe decide which side you feel more comfortable wearing the fringe.
  • If you have any cowlicks (strands of hair, usually around the front hairline that stand straight up or where the hair grows in a spiral) choose the parting on the opposite side.
  • If you have cowlicks on both sides maybe a fringe isn’t for you.
  • Once you have established where your parting is going to be separate the existing fringe from the rest of the hair.
  • Comb the hair straight down, through the comb again but this time slightly angle the comb higher on the parting side to create a slightly angled fringe.
  • Again cut vertically (upwards) to avoid creating straight lines.
  • Re dry the fringe in its new direction.
  • This technique will help as the fringe grows out

Last but not least if you don’t want to cut your own fringe…

Wait for us to get back or use simple decorative grips, these are still very on trend!

Hope this helps

Stay safe

Steve x