The Easy Curl Alternative

Want to create a wave in your hair with minimal effort? Well you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to give you a simple, yet effective way for creating curl and movement in your hair with or without heat. So if it’s just washed hair or 2-3 day unwashed hair this technique is going to work for you.


The classic salon twisty (round brush) blow-dry makes your hair look and feel a million dollars. The way the stylist whizzes the brush around combing and twisting your hair blows your mind, but what’s the best technique for you to create this at home?

There are only a few tools you will need to create a similar look. First you need to decide if you are using heat or not. The main difference between using heat is to speed up the process. Applying a hairdryer to your hair is going to dry your hair a lot faster, where as leaving your hair to dry depending on hair thickness will take longer. So deciding how much time you have first is going to be key for your choice on no heat, or heat. Next you will need some hair bobbles / hair bands or clips which ever you have or find easier to use. If you have product, you need something to give you hold, texture and body. As I go through my step by step I will explain my favourites in creating this style.

So now we have everything we need let’s work through the technique in creating the Twisty Blow-Dry Alternative.

Step 1

By now I’m hoping you have decided if you are working with freshly washed hair, or 2-3 day unwashed hair. I’m also hoping you have decided if you’re using heat or not.

If you have decided its freshly washed hair and heat then included in Step 1 will be for you to blast dry your hair until its 75-80% dry. You still need moisture in your hair, so make sure you don’t over dry. If you are using heat, why not try the Kevin Murphy Heated. Defense leave in hair protection – £25. This is suitable for all hair types, and helps smooth and detangle. A light weight mousse formula that melts into the hair whilst strengthening and conditioning.

Bouncy bdry 4

You need to start by sectioning your hair. Ideally you want to work with 4 sections at a minimum. But you can do more if you want.

So work with the parting you feel most comfortable in rocking. Continue this parting down your head until you reach the neck area. If you’re using a side parting you want to aim for the parting to be pretty central into your neck so it might be it starts on the side then has an angle on it through to the back. This will ensure the hair is even and will make it easier for you going into the other steps.

Bouncy bdry 5

Go to the crown and section down to the ear, this will give you 4 sections of hair.

Bouncy bdry 10

At the back you can split these in half as shown in the picture.

Bouncy bdry 9


Step 2

So now you should have 6 sections, 2 at the front, and 4 at the back.  Ideally you want an even amount of hair in all 6 of these sections.

Once you have these, take one section and damp it down, using your Kevin Murphy Un.Tangled – £23, this is a strengthening, detangling leave in conditioner with the added benefit of heat protection up to 200 degrees. Now if you want something to give you texture and hold, try using the Kevin Murphy Hair. Resort spray – £23. A non-aerosol, weightless hair thickener, soft natural hold giving a beach wave.

Bouncy bdry 8

Bouncy bdry 12


If you’re working on 2-3 day unwashed hair. You don’t want to saturate the hair. It just needs to be slightly damp, again using the products I’ve recommended above.


Step 3

Now you want to smooth this section using your fingers, comb the section from the root concentrating on any areas that can become unruly when dry. You can always add a little more of the Hair. Resort spray if needed to these areas. Still using your fingers twist the hair as tightly as you can and as close to the ends as possible. (Tip: Twisting the front two sections away from the face will ensure the curls are falling away from the face when you take them out.) Now hold the twist out, 90 degrees from your head. Using your hand near your scalp guide the twist around to create a bun. Secure this with a hair bobble / hair band or clips. Then repeat on all the other sections.

Bouncy bdry 3

Now all sections are secured tightly in there buns. If you have decided to use heat this is when you would reapply the hairdryer. Ensure the buns are 100% dry before removing them. The alternative for non heat users would be to leave the buns to air-dry. If you have freshly washed hair but have decided not to use heat and have just towel dried your hair. Make sure in Step 1 you really give your hair a good towel dry; get as much moisture out of your hair as you can. You could always air dry your hair and wait until it’s dried a little before using this technique. (TIP: If they are comfortable you could always do this at night and leave them in whilst you sleep.)

Bouncy bdry 7

Step 4

Once all your buns are 100% dry. Remove the hair bobbles / bands or clips. Let the twists fall loosely on their own. If they don’t you can encourage them to fall. Using your fingers lightly brush/ shake the twists out. Visually you should see the curls spring to life. Alternatively you could use a wide tooth comb; this would make your curls more of a wave. To finish I would use the Kevin Murphy Session. Spray flex – £24. This is a flexible, workable long lasting hold hairspray without the crunch.

For extra shine try Shimmer. Shine – £25

Light – reflective technology gives tresses a glossy and radiant shimmer. Perfect for adding lustre to dull hair and controlling flyway’s.

Shimmer. Me blonde (for blondes) – £25

Soften and brighten blonde locks with this repairing shine mist. Formulated with optical brighteners and colour enhancers, it neutralises brassiness in highlighted and blonde hair for dazzling shine. Counteracts yellow tones to give a boost to your blondeness.

Bouncy bdry 6


The lower you get the buns the less root lift / volume you will get on the scalp.

For more volume why not try Kevin Murphy Body Builder Volumising Mousse. This will give more fullness and hold. It can be used on all hair types, is vegan friendly and a personal salon favourite.

And there you have it, the home alternative to a salon Twisty (Round Brush) Blow-Dry. An easy yet effective way to create something similar to the salon Bouncy blow-dry.

Hannah. x

Bouncy bdry 11

Products used:

Heated. Defense – £25

Un.Tangled – £23

Sulphate, paraben and cruelty free

Hair. Resort spray – £23

Sulphate, paraben and cruelty free

Session. Spray Flex – £24

Sulphate, paraben and cruelty free

Shimmer.Shine – £25

Sulphate, paraben and cruelty free

Shimmer. Me Blonde – £25

Vegan friendly

Sulphate, paraben and cruelty free

Recycled packaging

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